How to start

You have 2 options:

★ OPTION A: Join as a retail member and start mining ($25 to $500 retail mining contracts):


★ OPTION B: Become a member of the value club (license cost $405, in some countries $605, payable with credit card) and start mining with $500 to $10.000 mining contracts at wholesale price



Step 1: Register on the website, make sure the field  “Username of sponsor” is filled in with “start” so you can enter and start mining! You can enter through invitation only.

Step 2: In your dashboard go to “Accounting” and then choose “Bitcoin” or “Multimining”. Choose the mining contract of your choice, and check the bitcoin price of that contract. That’s the current amount you have to pay for that contract (prices can change due to the constantly changing bitcoin price). You will have to pay your contract in bitcoins. Make sure you buy a little more bitcoins than the price of your contract because there is a small transaction fee and the bitcoin amount can change due to a rise or drop in the bitcoin price.

Step 3: You will to buy bitcoins first, I use Coinbase (click this link) where you can get $10 free bitcoins when you buy your first $100 of cryptocurrencies  the first 180 days of your registration when you click on my link. If you don’t, you won’t receive anything. Coinbase is also a bitcoin wallet, you can compare it to your bank account but for bitcoin. You can also use another website of your choice. Register and buy the bitcoins needed to buy your contract.

Step 4: After you have received the bitcoins in your coinbase wallet you are ready to purchase your mining contract. Go to your galaxy mining dashboard, go to accounting and choose the bitcoin mining contracts or multimining contracts. Click on “Buy now” and you will be redirected to the payment page (make sure you have enough bitcoin balance). It will say “You will be charged the equivalent of $.. in Bitcoin which is ..BTC” now that is the exact amount of bitcoins you have to send to the adress after “Please make your Bitcoin payment now to this address:”. In your coinbase wallet go to “Send/Request” and enter that exact amount of bitcoins and copy the bitcoin adress and paste it to “Recipient” and send the payment. And you’re done! Now you will have to wait untill your payment is received and that moment you will see a timer in your galaxy mining backoffice. Galaxy mining needs 12 days to buy the hardware from the manufacturer and install it in the mine. After 12 days the timer finishes and you are mining cryptocurrencies automatically 24 hours a day! If you have any problems, galaxy mining has a business support which you can contact, and they mostly respond within a day.

Step 5 (optional): Repeat to grow your passive income!

I will end with another quote, this time from Warren Buffet: “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”.

Happy mining!


Ps: Check out the moment I bought my $10.000 bitcoin mining contract: